Since many people wish to see Myrna, listen to her testimony and pray with her, Myrna has received several invitations from people responsible in various Christian churches throughout the world.

Her travels have started in Syrian towns and villages and in neighboring countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus) then extended to Europe (France, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Vatican and Belgium), to Sweden and England, to Africa (Egypt), America (United States and Canada), to Russia (Kazan, Tatarstan), to Ukraine, to Slovakia and Australia.

Throughout these travels, the signs, such as oil exuding from her hands and from reproductions of the Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh, were present most of the time. They would always trigger a movement of ecumenical prayers in which all Christian communities would participate.

These trips have become an integral part of the life of Soufanieh, further to the message of November 26th, 1987, during which the Lord told Myrna:  " Go and preach to the whole world and tell them without fear to work for unity".

If one judges the tree by its fruits, the seeds have already begun to appear: the upbringing of a generation belonging to Jesus and Mary which prays, forgives, gathers, announces the Immanuel and learns to live in faith, unity and love so as to fulfil the unity of Christians in the hearts and unify the Feast of Easter.