A written invitation is only accepted from A BISHOP OR A SUPERIOR GENERAL OF A RECOGNIZED RELIGIOUS ORDER IN COMMUNION WITH THE CATHOLIC OR ORTHODOX CHURCH and will be submitted for approbation to the local Bishop in Damascus.

Myrna travels out of Syria in order to give her testimonial and to pray with the faithful.

Usually, her spiritual guide and a member of her family accompany her.

Myrna in mission, must be the ONLY ONE giving her testimonial. She must not be included nor invited at the same time with any other person(s) that also have any spiritual gift / charisma.

Myrna's family is very modest and humble, with simple means, and cannot travel outside Damascus unless all the expenses related to the trip (flight tickets, lodging, insurance, visa expenses etc.) are taken care of.

A detailed itinirary / programme of her mission as well as the locations of the various prayer centers must also be provided with the invitation at least two months in advance in order to obtain the necessary visas and to allow for a well-planned mission.

It is preferable for Myrna and whomever is accompanying her to lodge in a convent.

GRATUITOUSNESS is a must in everything related to her mission. One must avoid any activity that might hamper the essence of her mission, whose cornerstone and center are PRAYER.

The distribution of images, prayer booklets, books, audio or video cassettes, CDs, DVDs or any other materials must be given out GRATUITOUSLY and no admission charge can be expected from anyone under any circumstances. This is is relation with Christ's Message dated April 10th 2004 : "You are its radiance in a world seduced by materialism, sensuality and fame, so much as to have almost lost its values."

Myrna's address:

Myrna Nazzour
18 Soufanieh
Soufanieh, Damascus - Syria

Myrna's spiritual guide:

Father Elias Zahlaoui
Vicar of Our Lady of Damascus Parish
Koussour, Damascus

Tél:   96311 4450999