Steps / Gestures
towards Unity...

Étapes / gestes
menant vers l'Unité


Fr. Elias Rahal: Regarding building of a new cathedral in Lebanon: Our Lady of Unity; inspired by Our Lady of Soufanieh's Messages

Église Russe Orthodoxe - Mgr Hilarion


Pape Paul VI et Patriarche Athenagoras I (1964)

Cardinal Walter Kasper (français)

Cardinal Walter Kasper (français) version PDF

Cardinal Leonard Sandri (français)

Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim - Melkite Catholic (arabic)

Patriarch Gregoire Laham III - Melkite Catholic (arabic)

Archbishop Philip Saliba - Antiochian Orthodox on Christian Unity and the unity of the Feast of Easter (arabic)

Frère Ephraïm - "Le zèle de Ta Maison me dévore"

Return of Kazanskaya Icon to Russia

Elmwood Park
Chicago (USA)

Vatican II - Pape Paul VI et Patriarche Athenagoras I (1964) - Video et textes du 'Lien'