Translated (with permission) from the original French text, from the book:

«Constat Médical et Analyses Scientifiques Des Événements de SOUFANIEH -

12 - 16 avril 1990». - Philippe LORON, neurologist. (Page 45)

Éditions F. X. de Guibert


3, rue Jean-François Gerbillon

75006 Paris



The chromatography of sterol

from two oil samples from Soufanieh (from the image)

analogous to olive oil.

A chromatography is a laboratory exam designed to determine the different components of a product. In the case of the oil, we analyse the different components, sterol and acid fats. For the acid fats, when we add all the elements, we obtain 100% which is compatible with the composition of olive oil. For sterol, the results are similar except for this sample analysed in Paris. There exists, in addition to the sterol of vegetal origin, a trace of cholesterol, whose origin can be of human or animal nature. This fact could be explained if the analysed oil was collected from human skin: traces of perspiration can justify this trace of cholesterol, because sweat contains it. Nevertheless, coming from a piece of paper, it is just as unexplainable that vegetal oil or cholesterol become the seat of emission "ex-nihilo", that is to say, without the contribution of natural substances.