Translated (with permission) from the original French text, from the book:

«Constat Médical et Analyses Scientifiques Des Événements de SOUFANIEH -

12 - 16 avril 1990». - Philippe LORON, neurologue. (Page 55)

Éditions F. X. de Guibert


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Translation of Doctor Georges Mounayer's Medical report

Dated November 29th, 1983.

Damascus, Syria

Heart - Kidney

Tel: 22633 Clinic

441474 Residence

On Friday, November 25th, 1983, at 17:00, during my visit to the house of the «Virgin Mary» in the Al-Soufanieh avenue, I was called to witness an amazing phenomenon occurring to Mrs Myrna Al-Akhrass.

I observed a red sting in the palm of her left hand measuring .75 cm (.25 inches) in height by 1.5 cm (.40 inches) in diameter while examining this lady. There was another sting in the palm of her right hand measuring .5 cm (.2 inches) in height by .5 cm (.2 inches) in diameter. On the upper part of each of her feet, I observed a rounded dark reddish growth measuring around 3 or 4 cm (around 1.5 inches) in length by .25 cm (.1 inches) in width crossing obliquely up to the sole of her feet. I wished that this substance could have been examined in the laboratory.

Two days later, on November 27th, 1983, I went with my wife to visit Mrs Myrna, the wife of Mr Nicolas Nazzour. I was surprised by the total disappearance of the bloody stings. There were no traces of any wounds or scratches in both palms, but under the epidermis, in the middle of both palms, one could see a small red circle measuring .5 cm (.2 inches) in diameter, as if protected by a thick glass.

Doctor Georges Mounayer's signature

November 29th, 1983.