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Testimony and Explanation

December 26th, 1990.

Dear Father Malouli:

I, the undersigned, testify to the best of my ability that I saw with my own eyes the oozing of oil from the original Icon in Damascus, and another original Myrna brought with her during her visit to our home in California.

I saw the oil appear on her hands and face and eyes many, many times, especially during prayers. Many copies of the original icon dripped oil in the hands of priests, nuns, and the faithful with Myrna around and without her presence.

In our home two Icons dripped oil before Myrna's arrival in California, and, after she left, another two Icons dripped oil. The last one was the Icon of the Annunciation on the date above.

I was a witness to the stigmatas in Damascus on Holy Thursday at 11:00 a.m. for the first time in the year 1990, and an ecstasy on Holy Saturday, April 14, 1990.

Medical Explanation

OIL: There are cases in which liquids are secreted, sweat from the body and a greasy substance from the head, but in any medical books never, never does pure olive oil secrete from a human being. Even if Myrna were injected with olive oil, it could never ooze out of her body.

Any foreign substance inside the eyes will cause irritation, even water, but to have oil oozing out of the eyes burns badly. Oil was sent to laboratories in Syria and Germany. The results were 100% pure olive oil.

ECSTASIES : There are sicknesses in the brain that make people go into coma, out of this world, and some of them hallucinate and see strange visions, but during that coma, there is no secretion of oil nor do messages follow.

I personally examined Mima during an ecstasy when her husband Nicola insisted that I do so, although I felt at that moment, how could I examine a lady when God and the Blessed Mary are speaking to her? I felt I didn't deseve to do that.

What I saw was really incredible. When I opened her eyes during ecstasy (and I should mention here that the light in the rather large room was very weak, only one bulb in the ceiling, and no one was videoing at the time), I noticed that the pupil of the eye was narrowed, not wide. This shows that she is seeing bight light, and this proved to me that Myrna is in a powerful light, although the room is dark.

I tested her pulse. It was rapid with low blood pressure as if somebody were under a heavy shock, and her body was stiff as if in rigor mortis.

Then, when she got up from ecstasies, she was drowsy. I asked her, "Do you hear me?" She said, "Yes." "Do you see me?" She said, "No, but I still see light." During that time I re-examined her eyes, and the pupils were still narrowed. As soon as she gave the messages, she claimed the light disappeared. And her pupils retumed to normal.

STIGMATAS: I heard that her first stigmatas were closed after a few hours, and I tested the stigmatas in 1990. They were healed by the second day as a red spot under sealed skin.

This fast healing cannot be explained medically as a surgeon. Usually a wound close to the heart region heals faster than the extremities, e.g., head and neck heals in five days, body in seven days, and hands and feet in ten days.

I knew Myrna asked the Good Lord to keep the stigmata sign two more days, because there were tours coming from Europe on the weekend, and she wanted them to see.

The blood of the stigmata was bright red. That means it is oxygenated, from an artery which is always situated deep and protected by bones and muscles, in relation to the vein which is dark red, non-oxygenated, and usually superficial. In order to get the bright red color, the wound had to be deep, from an artery, and it is impossible for her to pierce herself that deep.

I saw the opening of the wounds of the exposed feet and hands in front of me - no games here.

I testify that after I tested Myrna, when she visited us in America, she does not suffer from any kind of sickness or hallucinations. She was in perfect health and mind.

Antoine Y. Mansour M. D. (Signed)