Dr Georges MESMAR
Specialist in General Surgery
Graduate of the University of Paris
Damascus - May 29th Street
(close to the center cultural sov)

Tel: Clinic 456089
Domicile 453832


April 16, 1987, toward three hours in the afternoon, I have been called by the Father Elias Zahlaoui to examine Mrs. Myrna Nazzour at her domicile in the Soufanieh district in Damascus.

I found twenty-three year -old lady, lying in her bed with her arms crossed and in an unconscious state.

At the inspection, one notes:

Of the cool blood, coagulated, on the palm of the two hands, the neck of the two feet, on the left chest, and on the forehead with a stream toward the neck. After cleaning the blood with a humid cloth, one notes:

1. To the level of the forehead a cutting wound, longitudinal on the median line, deep of 1.5 cm of length taking all the thickness of skin.
2. To the level of the just left chest under the furrow under mammary and concidant with the intercostal seventh space a long superficial wound measuring 12cm. looking like a scratch.
3. To the level of the palm of every hand, a longitudinal superficial wound measuring 2cm. looking like an abrasion.
4. To the level of the back of every foot, a cutting, deep wound, taking all the thickness of skin measuring 1cm.

All wounds put back themselves to resaigner after cleaning that proves out to be painless.

The physical exam is without detail.

Of the medical view point legal:

1. The deep wounds of which I noted on the forehead and on the back of the two feet can be provoked by the mediator of such a cutting instrument a knife or a blade of lancet.
2. The superficial wounds of which I noted on the left chest and on the palm of the two hands can be provoked by the mediator of a pointed instrument as the tip of a pin.

Mrs. Myrna Nazzour had remained in this unconscious state during a half hour. After her awakening, she seemed very tired. The surveillance of wounds reveals a normal skinning.
No superficial wound scar.

Of the visible scars of the deep wounds.

Signed: Dr Mesmar

END of report.