Transcription of a video testimonial recorded during the 7th anniversary of the phenomenon in Damascus, Syria.

Dr. Jamil Marji - Pediatrician (Damascus, Syria)

During ecstasy I performed some physiological and physical tests, and could not detect any trace of hypnosis or hysteria, regarding Myrna.

I even performed eye pupil reflexes at the time Myrna was deprived of her sight and I found those results to prove normal and without the least abnormality. There also, the secretions that came out of her hands, her neck and her head, which would have been confused with sedatory secretions but the color and the smell of such secretion could not be exuded by a human body.

The smell of these secretions resembles olive oil and this phenomenon occurred in the presence of hundreds of peoples. These oily secretions were duly examined in several laboratories and found to be pure olive oil.

On the other hand, a woman who had been blind and subsequently healed after having in vain endeavored medical assistance for the recovery of her sight was cured in one instant. This is a sure sign of a miracle in this very place and science cannot explain it.

Before Soufanieh, I used to believe that what Christ had performed during his life was some kind of magic, what has really happened is truly a miracle. So, Christ has really risen from the dead. Jesus has truly performed miracles and the Christian religion is a true religion, and I must believe in it wholeheartedly, in total faith and go back to what religion has taught us and especially through prayer.

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