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  Summary of the Events of Easter Week 2004 - Father Boulos Fadel  
  Message from Jesus Christ on Holy Thursday during the stigmata - April 8th 2004.  
  Message from Jesus Christ on Holy Saturday in an Apparition - April 10th 2004.  
  Reference letter from the Bishop of Oslo, Gerhard Schwenzer, for the Scandinavian Medical Team headed by Dr. Knut Kvernebo  
  Reference letter from the Bishop of Stockholm, Anders Arborelius, for the Swedish TV3 documentary  
Letters from:  Dr. Knut Kvernebo to Mr. Gabriel Berberian re-medical study assistance and plans for Holy Week

Results of the analysis (2006)

Letter from Myrna to Mel Gibson on the "Passion of the Christ" film.

From:  Niels C. Hvidt

To:  Gabriel Berberian


A professor of medicine in Italy, Paolo Maria Marianeschi has written a book on the phenomenon of the Stigmata published by the Vatican Editors. He is also doctor of theology, and this was his dissertation. He is going to hold a conference on the theme and would like to know if there are any medical reports of some sorts available regarding Myrna's stigmata. Could you help us on this one? It is very urgent.

My book on miracles has been translated into Swedish. I will send you both the Swedish and Danish.

For me there is no problem; I will ask the publisher. Only problem remains that it is only in Danish or Swedish, and as it is right now I just don't have the necessary time to translate it into English. You can even have it in Italian thought with some efforts. I would have to ask it from the publisher who has already had it translated but not yet published.  

I did meet Myrna in 1993, I think. I have spoken about Myrna at around 100 conferences after the publication of my book. Here in Italy I am in contact with two surgeons who are both from their angle world leading experts on the phenomenon of the stigmata. My new research project is on the interaction of faith and health, so it is somewhat related.

Good to hear from you. You were of great help for the TV team for which I thank you praying it will be blessing many people in Denmark.

The book is written in Danish and translated and published in Swedish. It will appear in Italian this coming spring, God willing. I would be glad to send you a copy of each. Please send me your address for that.

I have been asked to help with a number of programs for Swedish Television as well, not just one program as with the Danish production but between six and ten programs. I have proposed them to make one on Soufanieh. Do you know when would be the next time the Easter Dates are coinciding, Gabriel?

Attached you will find the recommendation for the Swedish Catholic Journalist who is working for TV3 and who is very grateful that he can come with his TV-crew to film the events this year. He is excellent and TV3 is the largest TV-station in Sweden. Just as the Research Team, they ask for a short conversation with Myrna, if possible Wednesday of the Holy Week. They arrive Tuesday. The TV-crew is independent of the Research Team.