Myrna's prayer & testimonial programme in England - From 2004-09-30 to 2004-10-06

Myrna was accompanied by Monsignor George Riachi, archbishop of Tripoli, Lebanon.
Prayer & testimonial programme planned by Peter Hutley & Tony Hickey.
Canadian archivist: Gabriel Berberian.

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September 30th
London  Midi Photos  

Myrna and archbishop George Riachi arrive from Damascus (Syria) and are welcomed at Heathrow airport by Peter Hutley, Denise Vallancey, father Dr. Shafik Abouzayd, melkite catholic, a teacher at the University of Oxford (The Oriental Institute), father Augustin Aoun from the Maronite Monk Order as well as by his assistant.  Once arrived at Wintershall, Ann Hutley welcomes us. Later on, we visit the estate, the Holly Barn and the itinerary of the Stations of the Cross. A beautiful Estate. Very friendly people.

October 1st
Wintershall  07:00 Photos  

Stations of the Cross. In the morning mist, we walk through the picturesque lanes of the Wintershall estate, which are, at times flat and at time steep and narrow, along the various Stations of the Cross, in a beautiful surrounding.  A tree several hundred years old with enormous intertwined roots shelters the tomb of Christ. Father Alexander Sherbroke, from St-Patrick’s parish in Soho, meditates the Stations of the Cross, in an atmosphere of deep fervour.  Around 40 persons accompany us throughout this lovely itinerary.  On our way back, everyone is invited to have breakfast at Wintershall.

  Wintershall 10:30 Photos  

The journalist Kay Newnham, accompanied by her assistant, arrive at Wintershall to interview Myrna. Kay belongs to the Church of England, but is, nevertheless, very moved by Myrna's testimony. Her article will be published in several newspapers, after preliminary approval.  In the afternoon, discussions and viewing of some videos on Soufanieh (including the English version of Second Regard - CBC broadcasting, 1997), in the presence of fathers Michael O’Malley and Alexander Sherbroke.

  Wintershall 19:00 Audio   Rosary meditated by father Michael O'Malley.
  Wintershall  21:00 Photos

Mass for Unity celebrated at the Holly Barn, an old barn able to contain 600 people and since then, converted into a chapel. Approximately 300 people are present. Mass is concelebrated by archbishop Riachi and father John Pearson, Michael O’Malley, Michael Benjamin, Michael Grinnell, in the presence of the Anglican rector of Bramley, reverend John Bundock, reverend Rodney Annis from Enfield and Melkite deacon Richard Downer.  Father John Pearson is a former Anglican converted to Catholicism. His sermon is very moving. He refers several times to his past experience.  During mass, an orchestra (mostly youth) accompanies Myrna while she sings "Al Adra bil Soufanieh".

  Wintershall  20:00 Audio  

Very impressive testimony from Myrna. More than 150 persons come to salute her at the end of the mass. Not one mentions the oil or the fact that no oil had oozed from her hands. Everyone had concentrated on the testimony.  At the end of the mass, father John Pearson comes to salute Myrna. He tells her that he had read an article on Soufanieh years earlier and at the end of the reading, he thought to himself "Indeed this phenomenon is real, it comes from God".  Peter Hutley decides not to have any money collection, so as to respect the gratuitousness of Soufanieh.

October 2nd
 16:00 Photos Testimony of Myrna at the Sacred Heart Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon. Around 200 persons are present. Afterwards, archbishop Riachi invites everyone to be blessed by the Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh. Later on, we are invited for tea at the home of Mrs. Eloïde Armeida..
  London  19:00 Photos   Mass at the Maronite church of Our Lady of Sorrows, 17 Circencester Road in London. The church is packed with more than 400 persons. Archbishop Riachi and father Augustin Aoun concelebrate the mass. The Lebanese Consul attends.  Testimony of Myrna, archbishop Riachi invites everyone to be blessed by the Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh.
October 3rd
London  07:30 Photos

  Myrna and archbishop Riachi participate to the BBC / Radio 2 broadcasting program "Good morning Sunday", animated by the well-known commentator Don McClean, with an audience of 2.5 million listeners. Don McClean decides to link the Soufanieh website onto the BBC website and onto his own.  Many people phone Don afterwards to inquire further about the Soufanieh phenomenon.
  Wintershall  9:00 Photos  

Back at Wintershall for the Youth festival (nearly 400 people). Bishop Keiran Conry expresses some concern regarding Myrna's testimony. The latter prefers to abstain.  Very moving farewell to Ann, Peter, Yvonne, Caroline, Meredith and Susan.  Father Shafiq Abouzayd has placed at our disposal a limousine, which had belonged previously to Her Majesty the Queen.

 16:00 Photos

We arrive just before the end of the mass, which is concelebrated by archbishop Riachi and father Shafik Abouzayd, at St Barnaby's church, in London.  Myrna gives her testimony in Arabic only in the presence of more than 200 persons. 

  Bath  18:30 Photos  

Thereafter, we leave for Bath where we arrive just in time to attend mass at St John the Evangelist. Archbishop Riachi and father Tom Gunning concelebrate it, followed by a question and answer period.  Very moving sermon of father Tom Gunning.  Testimony of Myrna. Around 100 persons present.

October 4th
Bath  08:30 Photos  

We attend mass at Downside Benedictine Abbey. 14 monks concelebrate it.  There we meet Brigitte Waddams who is at the origin of this whole visit, as well as her husband who is the British ambassador to Kazakhstan.  Breakfast meeting at Denise with the Benedictine monk Michael Clothier.

  Bath   Photos   Very moving farewell to Denise. We head for Manchester, by train.  We are welcomed there by Tony Hickey, a Scripture Teacher. He then takes us to Katherine House (FCJ).  Thereafter, we have dinner with him in a pleasant Italian restaurant.
October 5th
Manchester   Photos
  Tony Hickey takes us to see the Manchester United football stadium. We then go to visit the first Catholic Church (St Mary, The Hidden Gem) built in England, after the Reformation.  Lunch in Chinatown, then return to Katherine House.
 19:00 Photos

Mass at Our Lady of Grace, in Prestwich, Manchester. Before the mass, recitation of the Rosary, meditated by Tony Hickey, inspired by the messages of Soufanieh.  Archbishop Riachi, fathers John Delaney (Franciscan capuchin) and the Irish priest father Martin Hough concelebrate the mass. Very touching homily in which father Hough compares the previous situation of the Irish Catholics to the one of the Christians in the East. He refers often to Myrna.  Tony plays the mandolin.  Testimony of Myrna. Beforehand, archbishop Riachi introduces the Soufanieh phenomenon to the audience. The church is full. Approximately 250 persons present. 

October 6th
Manchester  07:30    

Morning mass celebrated by archbishop Riachi in the chapel of Katherine House. Tony Hickey and Sister Teresa White are also present. Archbishop Riachi blesses the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh, which had been offered to Tony by Myrna. The latter also gives him some cotton soaked with oil from the icon of Soufanieh.  We bid farewell to Tony Hickey and Sister Teresa. Return to London by train. There father Shafiq Abouzayd welcomes us.  Lunch with Charles Riachi.

  London  21:00     In the evening, we depart for the airport. Father Shafiq, Ann and her daughter Henrietta as well as Denise Vallancey come to bid us farewell. 
           Video  Audio  Monsignor George Riachi
           Video  Audio  Father Michael Glothier
           Video  Audio  Father John Delaney
           Video  Audio  Father Martin Hough
           Video  Audio  Denise Vallencey
           Video  Audio  Tony Hickey

The sign of the oil that usually accompanies Myrna's testimonials did not appear during these prayer and testimonial meetings.